Nothing beats a good read except a good read that nourishes you with truth, inspiration, and empowerment. Some ideas are better communicated in writing than in spoken word. In Shay’s Corner is a stack of inspirational nuggets trapped in a pile of literary gems. Scripture. Life experience. Hope. More than a good read.

Shay’s Corner is the writing arm of Better Days Ahead (BDA).

BDA is a web-based giving ministry that provides a variety of supports aimed at meeting people’s immediate spiritual and material needs, engraining biblical concepts of stewardship, and empowering them to grow in Christian devotion and discipline. With primary focus on West Philadelphia, our offerings include lessons, motivational messages/materials, prayer, microgrants, and online links to general resources.

Purpose/Mission: To communicate Christ with the world primarily through the medium of giving. To give in such a way that embodies Christ-centeredness and promotes His kingdom agenda. In that process, we also aspire to personify and model the empowerment that we seek for others.

Vision: To build an online community of over 10,000 believers empowered to live their fullest potential in Christian devotion and discipline.

Founders: After seeking God and learning of each other during our first year of marriage, we (Shayla and John Price III) began year two set on living a life of meaning and maximizing our relationship by uniting in a common cause. After much prayer, thought, struggle, trial and error, we realized a calling to pursue ministry in an area of common passion — generosity. Shayla, primarily through her gifts of writing and administration. John, primarily through his gifts of teaching and mercy. Together, we are the Price Family with Better Days Ahead! 




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